Prestonwood Golf Club Cary

Prestonwood Country Club & Golf Course

Prestonwood is a privately-owned and operated family-friendly golf club nestled inside * Preston, a signature residential community located in the soul of Cary, NC. Approximately 1,900 families around the RTP region enjoy the very best all-inclusive amenities and services with no food & beverage monthly minimums or capital assessment fees.

The very essence of Prestonwood Country Club is the opportunity to escape one's busy life to spend quality time making last memories with relatives and friends. "We initially chose Prestonwood because of the golf, but have stayed because of the friendships," says playing members Peter & Christina Lindroos.

"We looked all over, but we chose Prestonwood because of all of the amenities … besides the golf, tennis and fitness, there are cooking classes, a ladies' book club," explains golfing member Clyde Hare. "Plus when the grandkids come to visit, they have planned activities for them as well.".

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